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Who is we at the Golf Center - Golf academy costa del Sol

Who is we at the Golf Center - Golf academy costa del Sol

It is useful to know who your guide is

In the fiirst instance there is Mike, he teaches all aspects of golf, but specializes in working with players who have limited mobility. As an accomplished player who suffers from limited mobility himself, Mike has become an expert on teaching players to reach their potential despite physical limitations.

Mike is certified through TPI, Titleist Performacne Institute, to administer mobility examinations. Sixteen assessments are used to determine mobility in the ankles, hips,l ow back, thoracic spine, wrists, and neck. In addition to his TPI, Mike is also certified through K-Vest. This equipment is used to collect biomechanics data including hip turn, shoulder turn, stability, and the kinematic sequence.Physical limitations are generally the root cause of swing characteristics. Understanding the causes and effects of mobility to golf swing puts Mike in a position to be able to understand, measure, and explain the issues that are specific to each client.

This expertise and equipment allows each client to understand exactly where their limitations are, to what extent, and how to work around them. The core of his methodology is  education. The more a client can learn about their own body and swing, the better he or she will be able to make good decisions on the course, without the need of an instructor by the side at all times. 

Golf Lessons serve three purposes:

  1. To Gain Knowledge
  2. To Make the Correct changes in a supervised setting
  3. Maintenance- to make sure that the changes have become natural and fundamental


Then there is Charlotte

Charlotte is a Class A LPGA Instructor that specializes in working with women and children.

She is a highly skilled communicator, speaking five languages that can make complex concepts seem simple. Women and Children tend to learn best with visual and auditory cues. Charlotte has a gift for finding each person’s learning style and is able to adapt her style accordingly.

The cornerstone of her method is making sure that the client is having fun. Her lighthearted nature helps kids and women to feel comfortable and confident with their game. And her technical specialty is the short game.

She believes that the game should be learned first on the green, then just off the green, and finally working back to the tee box. Learning short game fundamentals translated directly into solid full swing fundamentals.

In the premises, she uses the Flightscope Skills application. This allows her to choose targets to any distance to practice to; from 15 meters to 300 meters. Teaching control opposed to power makes her style very
effective for the continuing growth and development for both ladies and junior golfers.

Being able to practice indoors on a simulator, in a temperature controlled environment has several benefits:

  1. You are able to practice for longer periods without fatigue.
  2. There is an element of privacy for beginners or shy golfers.
  3. The simulator is visually stimulating to a junior and can help maintain their interest throughout the lesson
  4. All data collected is measurable to have numerical proof of improvement.

We are confident that the Golf Center will be the best place for you to learn or improve your game.


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