Wednesday, 27th May 2020

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See immediate results from 1st golf session!

See immediate results from 1st golf session!

Golf Teaching Academy from Orlando, Florida to Estepona.

The method is to use new technology to teach proven fundamentals. Their state of the art facility includes the latest in golf equipment and technology.

The Flightscope is a launch monitor used to collect club mechanics and ball data. The K-Vest is used to track human motion and chart biomechanics data. These are very powerful tools that can quickly diagnose issues with the swing and can assist with understanding golf concepts.

The most important aspect in instruction is the teacher student relationship. All the data collected from both the K-Vest and Flightscope are sent via e-mail to the client along with an analysis and plan for the future.

To maintain constant communication is vital to long term success. Their primary focus is on the Address position. The ideal Address position is unique to each person and is based on their physical abilities and the characteristics of their natural swing. The goal is to put people in their best position BEFORE the swing so as to get lasting results. Understanding concepts, having proper equipment, and making minor adjustments in the address position are the fastest path to lower scores.

The Golf Center also offers Club Fitting and Loft/Lie Adjustment Services. Through the collection of biomechanics and club data in addition to traditional fitting methods, their Fitting and Club Making process is truly world class.



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