Friday, 3rd July 2020

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Unfortunately it comes to us all

Unfortunately it comes to us all

When? – This is the million dollar question.

It can happen at anytime, anywhere but if you are in Spain beware of possible businesses aiming to exploit people in these sad, delicate circumstances, when the family of the deceased is under distress. For this reason, one has to be prepared to deal with the unexpected.

As with everything else on this Costa you have to know who you are dealing with, there are many unprofessional and unqualified bodies willing to take your money, some even under false pretences. Speaking English is not a qualification; knowledge, experience and licences are most definitely more useful if not essential.

As everywhere else, the death has to be certified by a doctor as soon as possible for it to be registered. Depending on the circumstances, the police may need to be notified as well and burial or cremation normally takes place within 24/48 hours.

For this very last journey, it is essential to know a genuine undertaker that will honestly carry out these functions correctly and as painlessly as possible from beginning to burial.



Francisco Camero, established since the 1800’s with six branches, is one of the largest and most qualified Funeral Director on the Costa. They have even created a plan named “Dignity Charter”, whereby you can choose your funeral in advance at today’s cost and pay for it by instalments over a period to be agreed, interest free in the first year. The price is fixed at the onset irrespective of inflation at time of death. 

Of course they offer a vast range of options to choose from with full service for burials, cremations and ceremonies in any language or religion with maximum attention to details. Their facilities include their own crematorium and even chapels of rest if needed.

Body repatriation is a complex task which they can perform with ease for the family’s peace of mind.

Francisco Camero’s objective is to provide a quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days per week with everything that is needed with maximum consideration for the bereaved, and in English too.

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Francisco Camero S.L., Avd. Juan Luis Peralta, 4, 29639
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