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A Solution for Back Pain

A Solution for Back Pain

Back pain affects people of all ages - By Artropos

It is a fact that lately back pain is affecting people of all ages thus preventing a proper rest particularly in bed where the pain is felt all the way down the leg right up to the foot, in addition some movement difficulties arise such getting out of a car or standing up from a sitting position.

In the case of young people this usually happens due to the sedentary life they follow and the muscles that keep the spine straight waste away causing the vertebrae to deviate and pinch the nerve roots that form the sciatic nerve.

It is also quite common to see young and working age people make unusual movements and repetitive movements or adopt unusual postures at work; if they do not counteract those muscle with physical exercise, the lumbar ligaments, that keep the lumbar column straight and the vertebral lumbar discs in their cavity, will waste away within the area that is least exercised; they will weaken, produce micro breaks resulting in spinal deviations or cause the discs to protrude from their cavity at the weakest points resulting in a protrusion that pinches the sciatic nerve at its root. The symptoms will then be more painful, and if not treated in time, can develop into a herniated disc, in which ligaments in the wall surrounding a vertebral disc gets to break, directly pinching the nerve root requiring a much longer treatment.



In older people these type of effect can also be caused by osteoarthritis in the lumbar vertebrae, beginning with cartilage wear that forms a “parrot beak” shape that pinches sciatic nerve roots with symptoms similar to those described above.

Thermopercussion treatment provides pain relief in both cases and even cures…, depending on the patient's age and the severity of the case; a natural, safe, effective and durable cure with no need of medication or surgery.

A complete cure can be achieved In the case of young people; older people will experience a definite relief from the symptoms and require less medication. Of course the treatment may need to be repeated periodically to maintain a good quality of life while slowing down the progress of degeneration.

Artropos - How to stop and cure Pain
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Artropos - How to stop and cure Pain

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