Thursday, 4th June 2020

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This month the Chef at KOKOMO says that with all the new seasonal produce becoming readily available and the prices of fish becoming more reasonable this is a great dish to have either week days or weekends with friends and family it’s a one pot wonder so you can enjoy it with your guests rather than slaving away in the kitchen.

Don't worry if you don't have a pan big enough to hold all the rice you can divide the recipe and cook it in two pans


• 170g/6oz chorizo, cut into thin slices
• 110g/4oz pancetta, cut into small dice
• 2 cloves garlic finely chopped
• 1 large Spanish onion, finely diced
• 1 red pepper, diced
• 1 tsp soft thyme leaves
• ¼ tsp dried red chilli flakes
• 570ml/1pint calasparra (Spanish short-grain) rice
• 1 tsp paprika
• 125ml/4fl oz dry white wine
• 1.2 litres/2 pints chicken stock, heated with ¼ tsp saffron strands
• 8 chicken thighs, each chopped in half and browned
• 18 small clams, cleaned
• 110g/4oz fresh or frozen peas
• 4 large tomatoes, de-seeded and diced
• 50ml/2fl oz good olive oil
• 1 head garlic, cloves separated and peeled
• 12 jumbo raw prawns, in shells
• 450g/1lb squid, cleaned and chopped into bite-sized pieces
• 5 tbsp chopped flatleaf parsley
• Salt and freshly ground black pepper      



1. Heat half the olive oil in a paella dish or heavy-based saucepan. Add the chorizo and pancetta and fry until crisp. Add the garlic, onion and pepper and heat until softened. Add the thyme, chilli flakes and calasparra rice, and stir until all the grains of rice are nicely coated and glossy. Now add the paprika and wine and when it is bubbling, pour in the hot chicken stock, add the chicken thighs and cook for 5-10 minutes.

2. Now place the clams into the dish with the join facing down so that the edges open outwards. Sprinkle in the peas and chopped tomatoes and continue to cook gently for another 10 minutes.

3. Heat the remaining oil with the garlic cloves in a pan,, fry the prawns, the squid for a minute then add them to the paella.

4. Scatter the chopped parsley over the paella and serve immediately.

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