Tuesday, 4th August 2020

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Web Express Guide a truly professional magazine and website of the Costa del Sol

Web Express Guide a truly professional magazine and website of the Costa del Sol

I am pleased to say that this month we were able to award the first “RECOMMENDED CERIFICATES” to some of our clients and I look forward to awarding many more.

The certificate is given describing the merit and the logo can be displayed on their advertisements and directory in www.webexpressguide.com.

The certificates are awarded on receiving recommendations at editor@webexpressguide.com  or even written recommendations to the advertisers and forwarded to the editor. This is not to say that other advertiser are not as good, the recommendation is something additional given by users. So please tell us if you are happy about the services you received.

As you can see, we have been pretty busy with this edition and there is not a lot more that I can tell you apart from the fact that we have increased our distribution yet again and we have re-started our Diners’ Club for the benefit of advertisers. Anyone can apply to the editor but restaurateurs and other media may not be permitted to join for obvious reasons.

I hope you will enjoy this new edition, there is lots to read and see.

When you contact an advertiser please remember to let them know you have seen their advert in W


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