Wednesday, 28th October 2020

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In May this year Web Express Guide will be 17 years old

If this is not an accomplishment I don’t know what is. Make no mistake Web Express Guide is not just another English publication, it is an international internet medium additionally printed as a monthly quality magazine for an international Costa del Sol, it is the first and only printed portal.

As I said in my previous note, our aim is to be the best there is as far as marketing and promoting businesses is concerned. This is what we do and what we shall continue doing for years to come; but not just businesses, we wish to promote businesses that deserve to be promoted, this is why we refuse to advertise some companies.

We start off the year adding a couple of new features to our website.

BLOGS at the bottom of each article, you can now create your own blog. Just simply state your own comments, agreement or disagreements on the subject matter in any language, inviting other bloggers to enter the discussion, including the author. But please do not use offensive language.

RECOMMENDED certificates will be given to all businesses that receive a recommendation from satisfied clients or indeed through our own personal experience.


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