Monday, 25th May 2020
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Looking for a divorce in Spain?

Looking for a divorce in Spain?

Do not spy on your partner you can end up in jail.

Try it! Look up for “spy partner” in any search engine and you will find hundreds of technical applications and advice on how to invade the privacy of anyone around you.

This is something that spouses or pathologically jealous individuals use when they suspect a partner of having an affair. The practise may be reprehensible from an ethical and moral point of view, however if the acquired information is used or divulged to others or indeed used in order to obtain some benefit or cause damage to others it is considered a crime.

Spying on a partner by obtaining computer files or mobile phone messages so as to reveal the private secrets of a person is punishable with penalties that may even mean imprisonment.

A test case took place in Court Nº4 in Girona when a man was sentenced to two and a half years in prison plus a fine of 6 Euros a day for 19 months when he used compromising photographs of his wife and copied her test messages to prove her infidelity in his divorce procedure.


This verdict should serve as a warning to anyone who intends to spy on his or her partners’ computer or mobile phone. This type of crime seems to be on the increase due to the development of applications that allow tracking profiles on social networks.

Under the present Spanish legal system, the right to privacy is considered to be a fundamental right and it demands maximum protection. This means that any evidence submitted in breach of this fundamental right will be declared invalid followed by the added penalty and punishment of anyone who violates this right.

If you spy on your partner you can end up in jail.

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