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Do you still believe Tripadvisors clients opinions?

Do you still believe Tripadvisors clients opinions?

Here is another concrete example of TripadvisorÂ’s deceiving information as published by the Daily Mail on 10th November 2015.

If you follow this link you will see for yourself that The Quay Restaurant in Ilfracombe shows 446 customers’ reviews and as much as four stars rating for food, service, ambience and so on (as at time of editing).

Tripadvisor’s description is as follows: “The Quay restaurant in Ilfracombe is home to a unique and substantial collection of Damien Hirst's works. The classical fronted building has been beautifully restored and now relates well to the stunning views out to the Atlantic and the traditional harbour of this ancient port. Exmoor Angus beef served at The Quay has been bred within a few miles of the restaurant, and the Lundy crab and lobster is delivered on a daily basis by the fishermen who catch it just a few miles off shore. With a wine list to delight the heart of the average oenophile, and a stellar selection of West County cheeses and home-made desserts on
the menu, The Quay is a genuine treat for discerning food and art lovers alike.”

Unfortunately no one from Tripadvisor would seem to have been there to judge for themselves and their statement is entirely reliant on the opinion of diners impressed by the upmarket appearances. However when it came to a sanitary inspection, the restaurant horribly failed on food hygiene and safety especially when
serving high risk foods like sushi, carpaccio and sashimi which are raw.


Apart from the fact that comments, favourable or unfavourable, are unreliable, placed by people with resentment, competitors or by others paid by the restaurants themselves so as to appear to be what they are not, genuine clients are not experts to pass correct judgements.

The moral of the story is that Tripadvisor is not a reliable reference because they do not care to ensure that the comments on their site are reliable. Restaurants and clients should stop using them and encouraging them to line their pockets.

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