Thursday, 2nd July 2020

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Bigger & better Kokomo

Bigger & better Kokomo

If you thought that Cocomo Restaurant closed for their usual annual break you could not be more mistaken! Now its a bigger and better Kokomo!

Yes, they did have a few days off but the unannounced surprise was that the break was mainly used to re-open as KOKOMO in other, much larger and better premises in Avenida Pernet, within the Urb. Atalaya Golf. It is quite easy to find, coming from San Pedro, take the Diana Park exit and turn right just before the Diana Centre, follow through and it’s on the right.

The original premises were getting far too small to meet the demand that the excellent food and excellent service have created over the years, especially when they also represent best value for money.

The new KOKOMO restaurant in its new premises is far more representative of the quality on offer to diners. It is bigger, more spacious on the inside with a view of the beautiful swimming pool at the rear and from the smokers’ terrace.

Now there is also an additional bonus; there are the well kept gardens which are the ideal location for summer dining “al fresco”. Indeed they are and also perfect for B.B.Q.s and summer parties and receptions.

The launch in the new premises took place on the 1st December. I don´t know how the diners managed to find the address of the new location but it was a full house which makes me wonder if the new, substantially increased capacity is going to be enough now that the news are out.

When we called to take some photos for this article, the restaurant was buzzing to the delight of diners who were clearly having a great time. The atmosphere was incredible! I cannot imagine what it will be like in the events of the Christmas Eve dinner ad New Year’s Eve special menu. Feasts for a king no doubt!

How can I describe the evening? Live entertainment, music, lights, Christmas decorations, waiter and waitresses moving from table to table serving some exquisitely prepared dishes; I wished that I had booked a table for myself. There wasn’t one available anyway.

In conclusion, KOKOMO is definitely one of the best restaurants of this Costa, not just for the atmosphere, the fantastic food and service but also for the excellent value for money that is on offer. This is why reservations are still recommended especially over the holiday period, but do bear in mind that they are closed on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.



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