Wednesday, 28th October 2020

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December the end of a year on the Costa del Sol

December the end of a year on the Costa del Sol

Our aim is to be the best marketing and business promoting media on the Costa del Sol

At last the end of the year! Not a bad year I must say but nevertheless tiring for all the improvements we have been making to the website and magazine itself.

This may be the end of the year and a long awaited period of rest but it is also the beginning of another year when a lot more interesting and useful aspects to our media will be introduced.

Our aim is to be the best there is as far as marketing and promoting businesses is concerned. This is what we do and what we shall continue doing for years to come.
Web Express Guide is well into its 16th year in business and our 23 years marketing on the Costa coupled with our 55 years worldwide marketing experience makes us more than qualified to promote any type of genuine business in this corner of Spain.

Web Express Guide still is the only internet portal (website) of the Costa del Sol which is also printed. Not only so but also the very first ever media with a website and a printed magazine, everyone other publication just followed and what is most important for advertisers and users to know is that Web Express Guide is an international media for an international Costa and very different from conventional magazines and newspapers with a website as afterthought.


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