Thursday, 4th June 2020

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Oh! It is Christmas! How sad!

Oh! It is Christmas! How sad!

We all know that July and August represent the peak for businesses here on the Costa del Sol, after all the Costa and Southern Spain in general is a very attractive proposition for families of holiday makers from all over the world.

To start with it is very accessible and not too far from anywhere, it is in Europe and fairly safe to travel to and stay. The added bonus is the sunshine, the sea, beaches and mountains, lakes, rivers, the cheaper drinks, the Mediterranean diet, and all that goes to make a pleasant holiday, whatever your language.

September is still quite active mainly with couples and others that prefer less heat and then comes October also visited by tourists that take advantage of the cheaper end of season travel.

All traders on the Costas should be happy and start looking forward to Christmas and the New Year, but do they? Hell No! I can understand that some foreign residents who live in Spain may wish to take their own holiday away from the sun. They wait for the schools to close for the winter term and fly away to meet their families, snow, Christmas decorations and will not return until schools start again in January. But is this just their excuse for saying there is nothing to stay on the Costa for?

There is no excuse for closing down businesses and restaurants until Easter, just so as to benefit from the start of the next season. The real problem is that come October, taxes need to be paid and then this is followed by All Saints Day in November. Not a happy a happy ending to the season but it should not sound like the end of the world. It is the lack of atmosphere and activity that are causing this deplorable anticlimax during winter.

Not everyone wants to go back to his country, some of us prefer it here where our home now is and at the same time there are thousands of people from all over Europe getting away for Xmas and New year in search for a different ambiance and even climate.

So why does everybody shut down? Of course course you cannot beat the summer crowds but there is no need to turn it into a funeral. It is not Papa Noël and Coca Cola alone that make Xmas it is the shops, the shop windows, the bright lights, the advertisements, the shows, the children’s entertainments.



All businesses, including the authorities, are obsessed with promoting the Costas’ beaches, the sun and so on for summer holiday, what about promoting the Costa for winter holidays? What happened to advertising when clients are most needed?
We still have a warm climate by comparison, we are still by the sea, mountains, lakes etc. we are even not too far from snow and ski slopes. Let’s not forget the Mediterranean diet, drinks, restaurants of all kinds and nations.

Take Tenerife, of course they always have a fantastic summer season, nevertheless, year after year they have kept on advertising and promoting their winter trade. So much so that Christmas and New Year in Tenerife has become a tradition.
We have so much more to offer right here on the Costa if only businesses stopped taking this defeatist attitude and started to create the right inviting atmosphere.

Make music, be merry brighten up with lights and windows displays! Most of all tell the world and advertise where the news can be seen by the right people.

Invest in creating your 12 months per year business; it was almost there just before the crisis, let’s get it back. Why should people go to Tenerife? Indeed I could also say why they go to Egypt and those places where you may be asking for problems.

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