Friday, 3rd July 2020
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Spam? Scam? Or both?

Spam? Scam? Or both?

I have recently received the enclosed email.

I have definitely not sent it and I do not know Steve who is obviously trying to contact one of my client offering to get more Tripadvisor clients for free.

I am not sure if he has been put up by Tripadvisor or if he calls himself an adviser for Tripadvisor, either way no one does anything for free.

I believe that once on the phone he will also try and sell you a website, which may be his main objective.

He says “We’ll promote positive reviews about your business; we can respond to your online reviews in a professional manner that sells to future clients, you’ll get a mobile friendly webpage to capture online bookings 24/7”

So beware of Steve ex-Costa del Sol now in Tenerife, and so much for the veracity of TripAdvisor reports.



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