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Discovering Georgian Cuisine

Discovering Georgian Cuisine

We are delighted to have discovered Tbilisi Georgian Café

This style of cuisine, new to most people, is becoming extremely popular. All major cities in Russia have several Georgian restaurants, even Russian restaurants feature Georgian dishes. In New York City alone, five Georgian restaurants have sprung up in the last three years and now this delicious food has reached the Costa del Sol.

The cuisine is one of the most important attractions of Georgia and culinary feasts are an integral part of the culture; Georgian food is described as bright, original, exquisite, unique and unforgettable.

All types of meat are used, poultry, beef, mutton, pork and the distinctive feature of Georgian cuisine is the abundance of different sauces. One and the same dish can be served with various sauces changing its appearance as well as the taste and the aroma.

Of course other culinary elements are present such as fresh vegetables and an abundance of cheese, however all types of spices figure highly in all recipes.

Such good food needs to be washed down with as good a wine and Georgia is one of the oldest wine producing regions of this world going back thousands of years. It may may be a pleasant experience to try Georgia’s distinctive orange wine which seems to be gaining worldwide popularity.


TBILISI Georgian Café Restaurant - Marbella
Грузинская кафе - C.C. La Colonia, Avda. Virgen del Rocío, s/n, 19670
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TBILISI Georgian Café  Restaurant - Marbella

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