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Back to school, tips for parents!

Back to school, tips for parents!

The return to school is one of the moments most dreaded by children and possibly most wished for by parents. by Sonia Fendley. Director STM NU Nummos Life SL

September symbolises a return to normality, normal schedules, meals and routine and this can cause anxiety to both adults and  children.

After a break of almost 2 and half months during which bedtimes are later than usual getting back to normality can be a struggle. Although the return to school for us parents is good news, for the children it is a different matter. In most cases it is difficult for them to adapt themselves to the school routine in the first weeks; we must understand them because it also happens to us. Which one of us is happy to return to work following a few days without obligations? Who jumps with joy at the prospect of returning to the office after a holiday?

It helps them to see that we understand and we must look for the positive points of the return to the school:

• Look forward to meeting with your friends again!
• You return to your sports group
• Meeting your new teacher
• Join after school activities

It is also important to involve the child in the purchase of the school kits, choosing colours, etc. together. We must make them participants of all the changes that affect them directly. It is also advisable to commence earlier bedtimes sooner so that the change is not so sudden.

Our children are our mirror: If we are enthusiasts and happy, they also it will be. If however we are negative and pessimists, they will be timid and shy children.

If possible accompany your child to school on the first day of term; this small effort can help immensely in settling their anxieties. Remember to keep goodbyes brief or you will make it more difficult. Collecting them later that afternoon they will be full of stories about their day, enjoy listening.


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