Monday, 1st June 2020

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TRIP ADVISOR - fake reports

You really ought to believe what we report!

In 2013 we published two articles about Tripadvisor and the credibility (not) of the reviews they publish. Yesterday (18th June 2015) the BBC News reported finding that many of the customer reviews found online are fake. I’d say this seems to confirm what we said back then. Some businesses go as far as even publishing “Trip Advisor Certificates of Excellence” on their adverts.

While some of the comments report how good certain businesses are, others are malicious and posted for revenge, envy or simply by competitors. This is an extension of malicious rumours, which is a bad habit we know well especially here on the Costa. We have experienced this when we enforced payment on some clients unwilling to pay what they owe, suddenly we become the bad ones: “the advert did not work, we have not delivered the magazine, we are too expensive, and so on”, excuses covering up their own failings, even after several months of unpaid renewed advertising.


In conclusion, do not believe what you see in TripAdvisor and do not listen to rumours. In any case, faked or not, they cannot be unbiased professionals. Whilst the opinions are personal they are biased and while they are individual they are not professional unless made by a qualified hotel or restaurant inspector.

Thanks to all media who now seem to provide the same information as we do and the various libel actions against TriAdvisor, I noticed that the use of TripAdvisor seems to have diminished a little.

There is only one sure way to discourage this and that is for you and me to stop using them or writing comments. Anyway I prefer to formulate my own opinions, I don’t need someone else to tell me where to go or not.

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