Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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Love you long time

Love you long time

How long do marriages last? Where do you stand?

There is not one single day that goes by without some paper reporting that the divorce rate is going up and placing the blame on all different sorts of reasons.

Some blame the need for mothers to work or the need for both parents to work, others put the blame on money worries and the pressures of living, while others still blame society’s lower standards and the ease with which affairs are entered into. All types of reasons are given, but I think the upsurge in divorce rate should be really blamed on eBay.

Whereas in old days a couple had to wait until it was financially viable to even get engaged, these days all you need is an eBay account with a password and “Bob’s your uncle” you can have it all.

Assuming that you are lucky enough to find a girl that will only get serious if you are engaged, you know where you stand. Well on her doorstep 24 hours later with your super eBay diamond solitaire ring after shelling out about £26.99p. If you think about it, it is cheaper than the local hooker, well, probably in most areas.

I am sorry but if my husband sat up all night, bidding for a cheap, almost flawless diamond set in the cheapest possible setting, I would think: “ The mean old b…..d! Is this all I am worth to him?” I would be straight on to immediately. I made up the address, but yes it’s also true that you can divorce on the internet and if you don’t believe me just look up divorce online in Google.


That’s not all; EBay is also a goldmine for economy wedding dresses being a specialty. I have been following the bids on a super wedding dress, used only 3 times. There are 30 minutes bidding time left and the tag is only up to $16.35. What a bargain! There’s
going to be some lucky lass out there in ½ hour, lucky but cheap.

In days gone by you looked for the right partner to come along, so you waited for true love, lasting love. This is no longer the case and the old gits that never managed any of the above in their youth have discovered there is a true love for them from Suzy  Tongflower “love you long time” available on For the grand price of £52.98 he can buy true love plus housekeeper thrown in, which makes me wonder how long it will be before “she love him always” will find another “nice man Mr Gregory he look after me good”.

Do men really believe “love you long time Suzy” will not be off as soon as she is legal in his country? Still as long as eBay exists he will never be lonely. But in the event you buy your bride, convince immigration of your true everlasting love, get the ring, win the bidding on the dress and your big day goes to plan, your next step would be planning your family but should this be the cause of a problem in the fertility department, no doubt some wombforrent website could assist.

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