Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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ItÂ’s a killer

It is time to wake up to an economic disease that is growing right here on the Costa del Sol, a disease born under the pretext that we have a recession.

Of course the shortage of money has reflected on businesses performance, businesses that have and still do try to find ways to
reduce their costs in order to maintain a reasonable level of sales. Stating the obvious, unfortunately there comes a point where it is no longer profitable to run the business.

While consumers keep looking for cheaper and cheaper, there comes to a point when what they buy is not what it is meant to be. What I mean to say is that you can buy a gold ring at a fair price or you can buy one from the “looky looky” man that turns your finger green or you can buy an original brand shirt from a Facebook page that will fade as you drink your coffee on the

That ring and the shirt have been bought at the expense of the business that has lowered its prices while encouraging the cheaters and others to continue with their deceit.


This applies throughout the spectrum of goods and services creating what I call the leeches of society not only through Facebook and
“looky looky” men but also via cheap publications that “cheaply” cater for them.

Quite rightly taxi drivers have objected to private pirate taxis;. a taxi license can cost from €100K to €275K before insurance and
the rest, while the pirate uses his car without adequate insurance and other costs. What about those who advertise food and cooking
from home? To handle food you need a license, just as you need a health certificate and a complaints book. This represents business lost by bona fide restaurants that are crying out for business.

These so called illegal businesses and those who promote them or sponsor them are guilty of contributing to unemployment and to the recession.

I think it is up to the consumer to be aware and refuse to support these leeches of society and even expose them; after all you could get poisoned by that food or be crippled in the pirate taxi with no recourse or compensation in either case.

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