Tuesday, 4th August 2020

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Argentinian Restaurant on the Costa del Sol

Argentinian Restaurant on the Costa del Sol

What is the secret of a good Argentinian restaurant? The answer is simple: a “Real” good, old steak cooked cooked the Argentine way on a real wood fire..

It'sd the way you cook the beef that gives it the taste you look for. Argentinian beef is the most sought after beef in the world for its quality but the difference is in the way it iss cooked on wood fire grill. 


The beef is imported from Argentina and the size and thickness of my steak was almost more than I could handle, what’s more it
was cooked to perfection, just as I had asked “Medium rare”. It really touched the spot! It was the nicest steak I ever had in a restaurant between Marbella and Gibraltar.

Of course a full supporting menu is also available, including a menu for children. I shall be telling you more about this new restaurant where you can enjoy a really good meal within the beautiful setting of Laguna Village and a relaxing view.

If you really like proper beef as it is meant to be, this is the place to visit with the added bonuis of easy par

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