Friday, 14th August 2020

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I have come across a couple of poems written by Julia which seem to be very much in tune with the article “in my opinion”. I hope you like them.


Slave to War
By Julia

Not one grain of desert sand
Nor field or grassy earth
The fighting or the bloodshed
One human life is worth.
You were told to die a martyr
And die the death of brave
But you died under orders
You died anotherÂ’s slave.
Do not hide behind religion
Colour, race or creed
Do not let him tell you
YouÂ’re fighting to be free
Even if you win his war,
By chance you do succeed
Your fight will not be over
For there is no end to greed.
For fighting is hereditary
A growth that is man made
But never will you find a cure
With guns or bombs or blade
You are told to fight for freedom
For your country, for your king
Then after you will come your son
And then the son of him.

Are you free?
By Julia

Are you free to choose to live?
Lay down arms and walk away?
Are you free to argue?
Are you free to have your say?
Are you free to question
the motives of his war?
Are you free to drop your weapons?
Are you free to fight no more?
Are you free to have opinions?
Are you free to have your way?
Are you free to choose to live?
Are you free to live your way?
Are you free to worship
which ever God you name?
Are you free to be different?
Are you free to be the same?
Freedom is a choice we make
If we are free to choose
for as long as you are told to fight
freedom is the choice you lose.


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