Saturday, 6th June 2020
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Fit in or a Fit up?

Fit in or a Fit up?

Is your website compatible with iPhones? By Chevalier de Fleury

Do you remember the QR Bar Codes craze? It’s that stamp shaped code that you can print on your stationery or anything else for
that matter so that mobile phones can scan it and extract your logo, contact details etc.

You do not hear of anyone trying to sell this service anymore, it looks like it all stopped after we published an article explaining that this was not another technical invention requiring an expert to set it up and that anyone could acquire it free of charge. (See
our edition 134).

It seems that blinding people with modern technology will never cease. Most businesses have a website of sorts these days but some cannot be seen effectively on smartphones or mobile phones and sometimes not at all if the website happens to be on a template or made using Flash or even Java.

True enough these gadgets are very practical due to their portability and most users find them very convenient to use on the internet although the size of the screen will never beat a good laptop or desktop screen. So why not sell the idea of making websites compatible with iPads, tablets. iphones and suchlike?

I dislike the fact that yet again some “experts” are trying to sell the idea that you need their singular technical knowledge to make your website compatible for such use at a cost can be expensive. One of the requirements is that you have to use their server to store your website or a website duplicate and I would be extremely reluctant to give any stranger control over my website anymore than I would give them the password to my bank.


The reality is quite different. In the first place you can actually make your website compatible with mobiles by yourself at no extra cost, using one of the free platforms that are available online for the purpose. These platforms give the free facility to do so for any small websites. They earn their money charging a fee for larger websites exceeding 10 pages or indeed you might want or need them to design a new website.

In the second place, any professional creating your website these days should ensure that you are aware that your website can be made “responsive” and that it will adapt itself automatically to the device that is displaying them, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops.

Do not jump on the first person that offers you the “compatibility” service, they are most likely using a free platform. If you are not sure; first consult your website designer who is probably already doing your hosting too. Keep control of your website or leave it in the hands of your trusted website designer/company.

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