Tuesday, 2nd June 2020

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The end of satellite dishes At last!

The end of satellite dishes At last!

Those large satellite dishes have now lost their place. .

Whereas the satellite technology has progressed so has the internet technology and the paradox is that TV reception by satellite dish is now redundant.

It’s true that we have lost all our favourite programs after the satellite change but the fact is that you certainly can get them back via internet. You could connect your computer to the TV and watch some of your favourite programs, in reality the internet service and speed here in Spain are atrocious to say the least, with the result that you get buffering delays, interruptions by spammers, frequent freezing of images, uncoordinated sound and pictures and a poor quality reproduction. If you manage to find the right website, that is. If you can’t hear what Miss Marples says, you’ll never be able to guess “who done it”.

Fortunately man is an ingenuous animal and there are now some companies offering a TV service via internet, like with everything new, you need to make sure you are not being taken advantage of and, in some cases, with an added poor service. Beware of cheap alternatives. If they sound too good to be true...


As the unit provided is portable, you are able to watch all your programs from anywhere in the world where internet connection is available.

The packages include UK TV Channels (the usual favourites including sports channels) as well as Radio Stations plus other programs, but you ca upgrade to a more extensive packages, depending on your personal choice.

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