Wednesday, 15th July 2020

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Virtual Humour

Virtual Humour

A few virtual laughs and jokes on the Costa del Sol


Two women were talking about the new hunk in the neighbourhood. “But he acts so stupid,” said one to the other. “I think he must have his brains between his legs.”
“Yeah,” her friend sighed, “but I’d sure love to blow his mind.”

Two drunks were walking home along the railway tracks.
The first drunk says, “There’s a hell of a lot of steps here.”
The second drunk says, “I’ll tell you what’s worse, this hand rail is bloody low down”

One man calls emergency: - Come immediately, my little son has swallowed a condom!
After five minutes, the same man calls back: - It is OK, I found another one.

A woman, after giving birth to six babies, upon seeing her husband, gets up off the hospital bed, walks over to him shouting “I told you not to go doggy style!!!!”

I was walking down the street with my wife earlier when she accused me of being ashamed to be seen with her.
“That’s total bollocks” I replied. (By text, from across the road.)


  Un hombre encuentra a su vecino cavando un hoyo en el patio y le preguntó: - Hola vecino, ¿qué haces?
- Cavo un hoyo para enterrar a mi pez
- ¿Y no es un agujero demasiado grande?
- ¡Es que el pez está dentro de tu maldito gato!

Dos escarabajos peloteros (madre e hijo) están comiendo caca y el niño le pregunta:
- Mamá, ¿a ti te gustan los langostinos? La madre escarabajo le mete una torta y dice:
- Eso por hablar de porquerías mientras comemos.




- ¿Cuál es el colmo de una oca?
- Que le guste jugar al parchís.

Le dije a mi cardiólogo:
- Doctor, estoy muy preocupado. Cuando tengo sexo, escucho silbidos...
Y él me dijo: -¿Y qué quieres escuchar a tu edad ?... ¿ APLAUSOS ?...

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