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Sonia Fendley

Sonia Fendley

In this edition we feature an interview with Sonia Fendley, Director of STM Nummos Life SL.

STM Nummos Life may not be a name which our readers are familiar with.

Can you tell us what the company does?
Of course. We are officially appointed intermediaries for Bupa International and Sanitas health insurance and are fully registered with DGSP in Madrid.

In this context, what exactly does an intermediary do?
Just as the name implies, the company acts as a mediator between the client and the insurance company concerned. In the case of people looking to take out insurance, this will mean helping them to choose the cover which is best suited to their needs, ensuring they understand the cover they are buying and assisting them in the process of applying. However, at STM Nummos Life we believe our role as an intermediary goes beyond just arranging cover.

We are committed to providing ongoing help, advice and support to our clients. This covers a vast range of services – from advising people if a particular course of treatment is covered by their policy, helping them to arrange their treatment, obtaining the necessary authorization from their insurer through to assisting them with the claims process. We also provide clients with updates regarding their cover and different options which may become available.

But surely this is something the insurance company can do?
Certainly but we all know that when we call these large companies, we may often be dealing with a different person each time we call. We believe that our clients want to be treated as individuals and receive a personalized service – particularly when they are talking about their health or that of their family – so you will always talk to the same person who knows and understands all aspects of your cover.

This sounds great but this isn´t going to come free!
It is completely free as we are paid by the insurance company. You will not pay more if you buy your cover through us. The cost will be the same irrespective of whether you go direct or come to us. Your insurance contract is between you and your chosen company. You make your payment direct to them and they are responsible for settling any eligible bills for treatment you receive. Existing members can also make use of our service simply by requesting that we act as their intermediary.

You say you represent Bupa International and Sanitas. Why have you chosen these 2 particular companies?
We want our clients to be confident that the insurer they choose has a great reputation, offers excellent service and is experienced in the field of healthcare.


Both Bupa International and Sanitas are part of the globally renowned Bupa Group, which was founded over 60 years ago. It has over ten million members worldwide and spans 115 nationalities in 190 countries. Working only with these 2 companies we have
established strong working relationships and contacts . It also enables us to develop in depth knowledge of their cover and services provided which would not be possible if we were dealing with a wide variety of different insurers.

How important is it to choose the right insurer?
Obviously you want to make sure that the cover you choose meets your needs. . We do not believe in high pressure sales. We want our clients to be happy with their choice and not face any nasty shocks after the event. I appreciate this is true when you buy any service. However when choosing a health insurer, it is important to make the right decision first time as switching to another company at a later date may be difficult, if you have contracted a medical condition in the meantime or as you grow older.

How easy is it to take out health insurance?
The application process for both companies is straightforward. Naturally you will need to complete an application form. You will also need to give full details of your medical history but you do not need to undergo a medical. Occasionally you may be asked to supply a medical report on a medical condition you may have declared.

So what happens if you have had or still have a medical condition?
This will depend on the medical condition and whether it is still continuing or there is a probability that it will reoccur. If the medical condition is ongoing or there is a likelihood that it may reoccur, then it is likely that the particular condition will be excluded from cover. However, if the condition is cured and it unlikely to reappear, then you may be accepted unconditionally.
When your application is received, the company will review your medical history and decide the terms they can offer you. You
will be notified of their decision and can decide if you want to go ahead. This is why it is so important to give all the details of your medical history.

What happens if I develop a medical condition after I have joined? Can the company refuse to cover the condition or worse still throw me out?
Any medical conditions which you develop after you join cannot be excluded and they cannot cancel your membership because you have developed a medical condition. However, the companies do have to protect themselves from people who do not declare everything on their application! For example with Sanitas, there are waiting periods for certain treatments including hospitalization. If you develop a condition shortly after joining you may also be asked to provide a report from your doctor
confirming when the condition first arose.

How essential is it for people to take out health insurance?
It will depend on their circumstances. Some people will be entitled to health care through he Spanish state system. Normally this applies to EU citizens in receipt of a state pension or people who are working and have made Spanish social security contributions. People who do not fall into these categories may be required to prove they have adequate private health insurance in order to obtain Spanish residency.

So it sounds like there are a lot of factors to consider.
There are indeed. That is why it is so important to have someone to answer all your questions and concerns before you make your choice.

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