Friday, 10th July 2020

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39 - Most common age for

39 - Most common age for "health wake up call"

The average person is struck by a health ‘wake-up call’ at the age of 39, new research has revealed.

As people approach the age of 40, it appears that is when they really start to worry about the long-term health implications
of the bad habits and poor diets they enjoyed earlier in life.

A study of 2,000 adults aged 25 and over found that 85% have reached a point in their life where they have started to worry about the health implications of their lifestyle.

The research, shows three quarters of the population are so concerned they have gone on to make serious lifestyle changes such as giving up smoking or alcohol, exercising more, eating a healthier diet and even quitting their job.


But almost one in two admits they are worried about whether it will be possible to reverse the damage caused by their previous lifestyle. And 64% regret not making more effort with their health when they were younger.

“This survey is yet more evidence of that - it seems that people leave it until they reach the age of 39 before they start to take their health seriously.

“Research shows us that the more you look after yourself in your early years, the more likely you are to live a longer and healthier life.”

Fear of turning 40 drives lifestyle changes - contact your doctor for a health check as many conditions can be helped if diagnosed early.

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