Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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Daniel Rubio Painter

Daniel Rubio Painter

We are launching this new section with the introduction of this Spanish painter whose work is so realistic that it seems photographic.

Born in Zaragoza, Daniel Rubio began his artistic career in the early 90´s as a sculptor. During these first stages of his development, he took part in numerous exhibitions within Aragon and Navarre standing out especially with his wood carvings, his
favourite material for sculptures. He then discovered that his real passion was painting to which he dedicated more and more time.

He moved to Malaga in 2000 where he developed even further his personal portrait painting technique with particular interest in expressing the soul  of the subject especially in humans.

During these last years he has taken part in several Southern Spain exhibitions and most of his paintings are now in the hands of private owners in Spain and the USA.

He is now trying to make himself known in other parts of Europe and to exhibit to a wider audience. We are showing here some of his work, which I am sure you will agree is impressive.

For further information you can visit the artist’s website (www.arteseis.com) or send him an e-mail to the following e-mail address: arteseis@hotmail.com



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