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I love SUSHI in Marbella

I love SUSHI in Marbella

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes in Japan and the best known Japanese dish all over the world.

Not to be confused with Sashimi, which means “sliced raw fish”, Sushi means “seasoned rice” and it was used as a method of preserving fish. Today’s sushi comes in many forms and can be eaten with chopsticks or the hand. The real Japanese Sushi is not to be confused with the run of the mill Sushi that is found in different types of restaurants, it has a taste and aroma of its own and once tried it can be quite an addictive delicacy. Sushi usually can be found in four basic forms:

Maki-sushi, which consist of a roll of sea weed (nori) on the outside with a middle layer of rice and an innermost layer of fish and/or vegetables. This is the ideal Sushi for the first time beginner. 

Nigiri-sushi is the most familiar to sushi-eaters. It consists of a piece of fish resting on top of a block of rice. The fish  is usually raw, and sometimes a strip of seaweed is used to hold the fish and rice together.

Gunkan sushi is a little more exotic. It tends to use unusual types of sea life, such as urchins or fish eggs. The seafood is wrapped in seaweed and shaped like a boat, usually resting on a little pile of rice. It is definitely for the more adventurous and not recommended for beginners.

Temaki is a cone-shaped piece of seaweed (nori) on the outside with the ingredients inside the cone like an ice cream and it is eaten with fingers. To appreciate a good “Sushi” it is important to choose the right place to have it. Quality is of the utmost importance. The best place where I have had Sushi here on the Costa is Wasabi, in Puerto Banus.  It is a proper Sushi bar as you would find in modern Japan.  They specialise in Sushi and Sashimi and their available selection is very extensive, even to include “fried rolls” to subdue the taste of raw fish for the beginners. 

Remember to order a variety of sushi. Different flavours complement one another, and this gives the chef an opportunity to show off both his fish and his talents.

Most sushi chefs season the short grained rice with vinegar and sugar after it is cooked. Soy sauce is used for dipping the fish part of the sushi before eating, Wasabi, a green horse radish paste, is also used as a condiment, like mustard. Papery thin slices of ginger are served to cleanse the palate between different types of sushi.

The chopsticks should never be used for drumming, flipping, or sharing food. If you must pass a piece of sushi from one plate to another, use the opposite ends of the chopsticks that have not touched your mouth, try and eat it in one bite, it is
considered improper if you don’t.

Tea, sake, and beer are considered acceptable beverages when eating sushi. Or you might want to try it with some Oroya white wine, a wine made in Castilla (Spain), by a Japanese oenologist and which goes particularly well with sushi.

Do not pre-judge Sushi, and make sure you try it at Wasabi where I know you will get as good a serving as you would in Japan.


Суши является одним из самых популярных блюд в Японии и самых известных японских блюд во всем мире.

Маки-суши, ролл состоит из наружнего слоя - водоросли (нори), внутреннего слоя риса и слоя рыбы и /или овощей. Это суши идеально подходит для новичка.

Гункан суши немного более экзотический. В нём используют такие  морепродукты, как ежи и икра. Они завернуты в водоросли, имеют форму лодки и, как правило, размещены на небольшом слое риса. Это для гурманов и не рекомендуется для новичков.

Нигири-суши является наиболее знакомым суши для знатоков. Состоит из куска рыбы, положенного на блок риса (рыба, как правило сырая) и полоски водорослей, используемой для поддержания рыбы и риса вместе.

Темаки:Это это конус из водорослей (нори), наполненный  различными ингредиентами. Его, как мороженое, едят руками.

Большинство поваров суши приправляют готовый рис уксусом и сахаром. Перед тем, как съесть, суши обмакивают в соевый соус.  Васаби, паста зеленого хрена, также используется в качестве приправы, как горчица. Тонко нарезанный аринованный имбирь служит для очищения нёба, чтобы почувствовать разницу вкусов других типов суши.

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