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Oversize is in for autumn 2013

Oversize is in for autumn 2013

according to Barcelona Fashion

If you like the smart sloppy look then this autumn let your fashion ideas go wild. With the sporty look combined with the comfy look set with warm fabrics and sloppy outfits, it seems we are in for an interesting autumn winter season. Whilst there are many variants with this look I have to say that the comfy factor certainly rules for me.

Bomber jackets are getting an edgy overhaul. Super wearable, these jackets look great with a whole host of outfits, particularly dressed down with a pair of skinny jeans and a comfy top.

The jersey is the most versatile piece of wardrobe this autumn season and also succumbs to the volume comfortable materials like cotton or wool braided.

The jacket plays a major role and is combined with multiple layers of clothing. The proposals are the most outstanding, with a variety of pieces oversize in many of the collections this season. The XXL fashion designers seduced the 080 Barcelona Fashion and seized much of the looks for this winter.

Volumes, multilayerÂ’s and pieces, oversize silhouettes and expanded tops all add up to a distinguished touch to models, modern and relaxed. This dysfunctional trend is reminiscent of the 60s. Sweaters, jackets and dresses also succumb to the volume and opulence.


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