Saturday, 30th May 2020

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New York, New York!

New York, New York!

For the first time in 20 years I have had a good excuse to get away for more than a week at the time. My daughter got married in...New York!

Both Julia and I really needed the break, it did us a lot of good to leave the Costa behind and see what the real world is like out there. I dare say we had the advantage of seeing New York “not as a tourist” and I loved it.

Sharing a large 5 bedroom log cabin with other New Yorkers was our first most enjoyable weekend experience. It was just one hour away from the centre, in the middle of a wood inhabited by bears and deer. We looked forward to the evening meals when we all got together in the dining room sharing stories, jokes and playing games.

My daughter and her fiancée live in an apartment on Long Beach with a view to the ocean on one side and the New York City skyline on the other. I know it sounds privileged but not all homes are apartments and the houses are just simply very attractive and all different from each other. I have seen a few I would have liked to live in.

You do not have to be in the city centre to find your shops, restaurants and anything you need. Everywhere you go, you are spoilt for choice. I just wanted a bagel for breakfast the question was which of the different 20 or so types did I want and filled with which of the 50 or so different fillings available. All freshly made for that day, I dare say. Decisions, decisions, no matter where you go, even if you just want to buy a chewing gum. 

Yes sure there are locations I was told one should not go to, and you hear of someone shooting someone on the news the daily news, but that is all part of the fast way of life. For examples banks are open every day from early morning until 10 pm and also open on Sundays.


I really liked the lifestyle, although there is little help unless you have a health insurance if your are ill. If I was younger I would seriously consider finding a way to live there.

But the main reason for my visit on this occasion, having been there before on business, was my daughter’s civil marriage to David, she is now Mrs Isabelle Bernstein. I shall never forget the gleam of happiness on her face.

I like David and I liked all the members of his family whom I met as well as some friends.

The ceremonial wedding is to take place next November and I had the privilege to help my daughter choose her wedding dress at the well world renowned Kleinfeld where you start looking at dresses from $5K upwards.

I know I could write a book about all this, but then I would not have enough space for some of the photos I would like to show you.

Let’s just say that I loved the experience, the reason was a pleasant one and on this occasion I loved New York too.

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