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DVD Reviews & TV Programs

DVD Reviews & TV Programs

Introducing some of the most recent DVD releases September 2013 & up to the minute TV/Satellite programs


Directed by: Famke Jansse.

Starring: Milla Jovovich, Bill Pullman, Marcia Cross

In an effort to escape her murky past, Olive (Milla Jovovich), a nomadic European con-artist and her 10-year-old son Bobby (Spencer List), find themselves living in Oklahoma. Olive enrolls him in school, makes him do his homework and tries to be a good mother; with the help of an old friend, Olive provides for Bobby in the only way she knows how. But Bobby displays troubling behaviour. Very heart-warming and there’s good acting all the way through.


Directed by: Derek Cianfrance

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne, Eva Mendes, Ray Liotta, Dane DeHaan, Bruce Greenwood, en Mendelsohn, Harris Yulin, Mahershalalhash Ali

Luke, (Ryan Gosling) desperately tries to connect with a former lover, Romina, (Eva Mendes) who secretly gave birth to the stunt rider’s son. In providing for his new family, Luke commits a series of bank robberies. But Luke is put on a collision course with an ambitious police officer, Avery Cross, (Bradley Cooper) looking to quickly move up the ranks in a police department riddled with corruption.


Directed by: Joseph Kosinski

Starring: Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko.

Science Fiction
A veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources questions what he knows. Jack Harper (Cruise) is one of the last few drone repairmen. Part of a massive operation to extract vital resources after decades of war with a terrifying threat, Jack’s mission is nearly complete. His soaring existence is brought crashing down when he rescues a beautiful stranger from a downed spacecraft.


By the time T.V. programs are printed on local publications and seen by viewers, they are often out of date.

It is very annoying to look forward to a film or program to find out that it has been changed or replaced days or weeks, often hours, before it is due to be shown.

Just click on the enclosed icon and check your "up to the minute" TV program as updated by the TV stations.

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