Monday, 1st June 2020

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The Kill Room

The Kill Room

A book by Jefery Deaver


A sniper’s bullet abruptly ends the life of Robert Moreno, a US citizen living in South America. Everything suggests a highly expensive contract killing (the sniper’s bullet was shot from over a mile away) and the dead man appears to
be something other than an innocent victim.
There is evidence which points to Moreno planning a terrorist atrocity, an assault on a US oil company headquarters. He has verbally attacked the US and
its influence throughout the world.
His death may have been sanctioned in the highest echelons of American government but whoever killed Moreno is unlikely to remain hidden in the shadows for long. Assigned to the case is America’s most successful forensics expert and investigator, the formidable Lincoln Rhyme, with his resourceful associate Amelia Sachs.
While Amelia looks into the murdered man’s behaviour in Manhattan, Rhyme travels to the Bahamas where the killing took place.


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