Thursday, 2nd July 2020

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Chic Classic

Spring? From white shirts to pencil skirts and the classic mac, we´ve got the basics covered. By Georgia Beck-Davies of Marbella Beauty Academy

The classic white shirt has fabulous fashion potential, it will become your new best friend, and you can always depend on it. But like anything we come to know and love, we can take the white shirt a teensy bit for granted.

I bet if I asked you how you wore it, you would probably say that it was mostly for work, yet it has so much more style potential. Think of Marilyn Monroe in Misfits wearing a manÂ’s white shirt with simple jeans, she looks red hot! And thatÂ’s how your white shirt should make you feel.

If you want to get away from the traditional work suit, match it up with a pencil skirt and some pretty little pumps or if you want to go for the more chic look, court shoes make a statement.

Dressing down is the new dressing up, choose a shirt that’s a size or two bigger and you´ve got classic boy-friend style. Or if you don’t have one just nick it from your other half and give it a soft feminine touch, this is the perfect casual look. Match it with some skinny jeans, add some accessories and add a few girlie touches- quilted ballet pumps and some long necklaces.

If you’re heading out for drinks at some point, style it up with some high, high heels, or just pair it with your favourite boots for a trés sexy look.


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