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Over indulgence during the festive season

Over indulgence during the festive season

Moderate drinking does not harm, but..

Drinking within safe limits is unlikely to do you any harm and it’s even been suggested that for certain people, moderate drinking – that is about one or two units of alcohol a day – may even be good for your heart. But in truth, there are more effective ways to protect your heart, including eating a healthy balanced diet and taking regular exercise.

If you regularly drink too much alcohol, not only do you risk your health, but depending on how much and how often you drink, your work and relationships may also be affected.

To stay safe and healthy, it pays to know your limits and drink alcohol sensibly.

What are sensible drinking limits? Some countries have drinking guidelines, which include information about the risks associated with certain levels of drinking. The guidelines often give recommendations, which may be provided as daily or weekly limits. These vary between countries, for example in the UK men are advised to drink no more than three or four units a day and women should drink no more than two or three units a day. However, in the US, men are advised to drink no more than one or two units a day, and women no more than one unit.


In some countries the recommended limits are lower for women than for men. This is because women have different amounts of fat, muscle and water in their bodies than men. This affects the way a woman’s body copes with alcohol. As a result, women are more likely to develop health problems, such as liver disease, at lower levels of alcohol than men. Drinking sensibly, remembering a few simple tips can help you cut down.

  • Have something to eat before you drink, and if possible, while you’re drinking.
  • Start with low-alcohol or alcohol-free drinks, or alternate these with alcoholic drinks.
  • Pace yourself – enjoy your drink slowly.
  • Keep track of how much you’re drinking.
  • Don’t drink alcohol every day of the week – have at least one or two alcohol-free days.

When not to drink?
It takes about one hour for your liver to break down one unit of alcohol. The more you drink, the longer it will take for the effects of alcohol to clear. There are times when not drinking alcohol at all is the safest choice.

At this time of year in particular, please remember to keep to non alcoholic drinks if you are driving

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