Thursday, 28th May 2020

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Some Fashion Tips

Some Fashion Tips

As illustraed by Georgia Beck-Davies, your personal stylist

Sexy, classy and classic are the features to look for when shopping for clothes this autumn and winter.

Purple is back, it is the new Black! Wear a dark purple dress with glamorous gold accessories for the Christmas Party, keep it simple and look rich and sophisticated.

Flowery patterns are fashionable in shirts, jackets and jeans, but not worn together!

Wear any plain colour with one or two patterned item. The wet leather look is so in! Like it or hate it? Wear leggings with a luxurious Chiffon blouse and statement heels for a night out with the girls or dinner.

DonÂ’t forget your body shape. If your shoulders are wider that your hips, always wear accessories around the area that is smaller, So wearing peplum skirts or tops gives the right body proportion and the same for the other way round, Like shoulder pads are still in and studded spikes on the shoulders can give you more shape, studded spikes on anything at the moment is a statement.


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