Sunday, 7th June 2020

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Key words or real keys for consumers to find you?

Key words or real keys for consumers to find you?

Enough with shysters exploiting businesses! - Says Chevalier de Fleury

Business telephone directories, even classified, have become obsolete; you cannot print a directory every week or every month so by the time they get printed each year they are out of date and in Spain they are out of date and inaccurate even before you start. Although this is different with private numbers and addresses as they do not change much from year to year, nevertheless the world population currently stands at 7 billion and, allowing for an average number of annual deaths, it is increasing at the rate of 80 million each year, never mind the countless web pages on the net.

Consumers know what they want and what services they are looking for, but they have no idea who provides them and where, this is why they look at and consult the internet, Google being the most popular search engine.

For this reason every single business, large or small needs to have its own internet appearance, but what is even more important is to be found amongst the billions of pages within the net. Not only that, but unless it appears on the first page of a search, it is a known fact that the second page is skipped all together by the searcher. This is another good reason
why you need to hand over a business card, a leaflet or advertise in print to make yourself and your web address known to consumers, the difference being that you do not know if the person or public you have given your details to is interested in your services or products, whereas when they look for the service on the internet it is clear they know what they want, whomsoever provides it.

The fact that everyone needs an appearance on the internet has been exploited by companies that offer you the opportunity to build your own website at “no cost”. “Free of Charge” they say, but who on earth is going to offer or give any service free of charge these days? If you believe this you will believe anything and somewhere, somehow there will be a catch. For example, you may get a free website design as long as it displays advertising by other companies who pay for the advert, or you may have to pay a small but regular amount that over the years will amount to a tidy little sum or other similar catches that make the offer worth their while. In any case you are now talking of web designs made out of a set of templates, the only difference between them being the names, images and text that you yourself will insert.

One thing I object to is that some sharks who know nothing about the internet, websites or how it works are taking  advantage of the general public ignorance and offer templates taken at no cost to offer them as original designs. Believe me I have come across one or two of these shysters. They should be avoided like the plague. If you need an appearance on the internet and you want to avoid the cost at the outset or minimise your cost at the outset, it may be a small price to pay to have to put up with some of the requirements and the idea that your website is made out of a basic template created for everyone’s use, however the problem of being found on the internet, which you clearly do, is quite something else.


If you want to be found in Google’s first page, you need to be where Google will look for what you do, in other words you will need a substantial website worth Google’s time to visit or be part of a portal that Google regularly visits in reply to your searches. A small effort with key words will certainly not have the desired effect.

So what is the answer? Well if you are a serious business that wants to project the right image, you should certainly go for a professional and well designed website specifically tailored for your business, if correctly done this will attract Google’s attention.

If you cannot afford the cost of such a structure then your other option is to join an established portal that you know is successful with Google searches in your area. Web Express Guide is such a portal (hence the name), whether you have a top of the range website, a well designed website, a free template website or no website at all, every business should want to be part of this Portal, this is exactly what it was designed for and proven to bring the required results. It is not free because there is no catch, but the cost is very, very reasonable.

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