Tuesday, 7th April 2020

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So, you wanna talk about it?

So, you wanna talk about it?

What is it about a recession crisis that brings out a whole bunch of people who are suddenly experts on hw we can dig ourselves out of the current economic stuation?

And why is it these so smart executives and so called leaders of everything come up with conferences ideas. Who is that smart arse who comes up with “hey everybody is so desperate to survive that maybe we should gather them all in some city in Spain, charge them and give them advice on everything from surviving the crisis to saving tax and to saving the world.”

Perhaps if these so called experts spoke up a bit earlier on they might have saved themselves the trouble now. The recent one I stumbled upon the other day was “The Business and Eco-environmentalism”. From what I gathered, if businesses think to the future and spare a thought for the environment all will be fine.

Well, excuse me! I think everybody’s footprint has shrunk since the recession. Well, for a start, packaging and plastics have surely gone down a couple of sizes; let’s face it ,surely poor people are certainly buying less food and packaged items and as for fuel consumption I don’t suppose they drive much more, certainly not at the current petrol prices and yes, you have guessed it, I suppose aviation fuel pollution has dropped off a tad.

Now for the futuristic future technology, the thing we should be looking to, Bio- monitors will analyze your sleep pattern and wake you all at the exact time so as to maximise the feel-good factor. Really! I don’t know about you, but at whatever time I wake up, it’s never enough sleep. So analyze that! Oh! Not slept enough hours? Well thank you Bio-monitor, I would have never worked that one out by myself.


Also in the future there will be showers with preferential heights & temperature. Do you think the smart inventors took into account Pedro at the end of the street hitting a water main while laying paving slabs? What about the wireless electricity touch pad etc. etc. which sounds great until Pedro turns off the whole town’s electrics while starting up the feria lights.

Then there are the futuristic travel flying cars. Virtual travel, that’s all very well but after speeding fines, petrol or whatever fuel they use, would the environment really benefit? Oh and there’s also talk of “Mass Tourism” which is great until a few baggage handlers in France go on strike and when they all want to park their hired cars in non existing car parks, but never mind why don’t we all get together and have a big conference or Mass Debate, if you prefer. So here’s to the future!

Until Next month anyway...

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