Thursday, 28th May 2020

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Bags and shoes

Bags and shoes

Weapons of seduction and fetishism. - By Benjamin Friman

What woman can be said not to like these items? Nowadays they are just as important as the dress itself!

Leather, suede, crocodile, ostrich, iguana skin all possible combinations have a distinct place in my new collection. Shoes may or may not match match the handbag, however stilettos with curved heel, strips in black leather or olive green, lamb suede, three colour combinations and a touch of platform, are made to match handbags using identical colours.

The high boots and mid cut boots in my collection are intended to suit someone who exceeds all imagination. These are for the woman with a sure step, they are shoes created for those women who wish to be taken immediate notice of; shoes that will boost even more the appearance even when not posssible; shoes that will distinguish the wearer.

It is my intention that the shoes I created be functional and timeless. Shoes that can be worn at the office. And,
why not, at dinner or a gala as well! My true obsession was to create a shoe that will simply be adored in a shape ingeniously studied that that can be worn at any time of the day without noticing its height; a real and powerful fetishist weapon.

Well studied, my collection with its summarily pampering colours and shapes will take you to conclude that they are intended to please and make others dream of whoever wears them. I give them the name vertigo not because of height but for the desire to feel a strong sensation of nervousness knowing that your shoes are unique, unrepeatable and very exclusive. Just one pair per style and colour created just for you.

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Benjamin Friman Fashion Designer
Blue Sotogrande, Ribera del Marlin, 11310
+34 956 610 708
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