Saturday, 11th July 2020

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People say I am egocentric... But enough about them!

People say I am egocentric... But enough about them!

company narcissism occurs when employees need to seek approval before making any decisions

by Count De La Perrelle

Recently in my business travels and whilst advising people, I have noticed that Business Proprietor and Company management narcissism is spreading with epidemic proportions throughout the business world.

If you want your business to survive in the 21st century and survive the financial crisis then think on…

Whether small or large, company narcissism occurs when employees become personally loyal to their bosses and superiors creating a need to seek approval before making any decisions. Unfortunately for the employee the Narcissistic employer works hard to cultivate this type of behaviour in their staff.

This enhances the Narcissists’ self esteem but will do absolutely nothing for the long term security or stability of the business. All that happens is the business, whether small or large becomes a totalitarian style operation. Narcissists’ will always profess loyalty to the company or business but actually they are only really interested in their personal agendas, therefore all the important business decisions they make are based on the Narcissists’ own selfish interests rather than the interests of the business as a whole.

Corporate Narcissism can materialize when a Narcissist becomes the owner, general manager or a member of the senior management team and collects a specific mix of co-dependent staff or colleagues around him or her who will support their Narcissistic behaviour. This will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the whole business performance. Someone is codependent if they unable do things or make decisions without someone else being there with them.


The word ‘narcissism’ comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus. Narcissus was a handsome Greek youth who rejected the desperate advances of the nymph Echo. As punishment, he was doomed to fall in love with his own reflection in a pool of water. Unable to consummate his love, Narcissus lay gazing enraptured into the pool, hour after hour, and finally changed into a flower that bears his name, the narcissus.

My main reason for writing this comes from the amount of businesses that I see or advise who are slowly but surely slipping into that area of no return. Unfortunately the Narcissist’s tend not to listen to anyone else but themselves or their hangers on. There have been many times when I have been asked to help motivate a struggling business where my advice has not been followed or even listened to properly and the business has moved into difficult times.

If one has a health problem then one would go to a medical advisor, if one has a legal problem then one would go to a legal advisor, for a financial problem one would make use of an accountants expertise and with all of these professionals one tends to take the advice given. So why not listen to experienced businessmen, business advisors, business therapists and trouble-shooters? Especially those who have been in the same type of business for many years.

To have a healthy business venture one must work towards creating a team that has the entire interests of the business at heart and all work together towards furthering the aims and improvement of the business. This will enhance the business and lift moral which will be noticed by the Clients and Customers and will do no harm at all to the turnover. Make sure you work together as a team, show respect to each other and trust in each other’s expertise. Whether you are the owner or the office cleaner, remember that you are all working for the business as a whole and it is the business that will pay the wages and expand with the input from the entire team. No single person is more important than all the other cogs in the wheel.

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