Wednesday, 1st April 2020

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facebook V faceoff

facebook V faceoff

Don’t get me wrong, I think Facebook is great. Handy for keeping in touch with family and friends, especially in faraway places, but if you look down your list of friends, most of them are other people’s friends.

Well that¬ís verging on sad, no, actually that is sad in a lonely kind of way but maybe it¬ís good in that at least you have somebody to chat to or thousands of people to chat to, so when somebody boasts they have over a thousand friends, I secretly think that the higher the number is, the lonelier the person.

By the way, if your messages are from groups, associations or causes don’t get excited because the same message is sent to all the members or friends you joined. Enough said!

Then there is the popular ¬ďlike¬Ē button; you know, hit like if you have lost somebody close to you blah, blah? Well I tried it, but no, great aunt Bessie is still dead. I won¬ít fall for that one again.

What about the ¬ďI love my boyfriend, girlfriend, hubby, Mrs. etc ,etc.?¬Ē Whom are you trying to prove it to? Yourself or the people that say he-she is a loser? A sort of ¬ďwell I love him anyway, so there¬Ē. Right?

This is closely followed by the trouble with menwomen jokes; the ones I see are normally posted by men or women who don’t have partners, you know the type that would love to have one, whatever sex he/she might be.

Hey! What about those who invite you to join in games? You know the ones; they like to do tasks to earn points or money. Here’s the thing, I already play this every day, it’s called a job, I do the tasks and earn real money, but I do have to actually leave my home. And by the way it’s no fun and certainly not a game.

Beware keyboard warriors! Games on computers are not real, you did not slay a dragon, or save New York, or wrestle your way to victory. Do not go out of your front door with your superior attitude, as you will probably have the s..t kicked out of you within two minutes, in a most un-gamely fashion. Learn the difference between real and reality dude!


We all like funny posts, don’t we? As we love ugly dogs, but please, although all mothers think their own babies are lovely, we don’t need ugly babies, not to say that photos can’t be shared with family; but do I really have to see them? We all love to see funny cats, but when I see post after post of boring women posing with their pussies, it’s just... well, boring. It’s not funny or
amusing and does not brighten my day in any way.

Fat people, really fat and doing funny things or with funny captions great! It’s wicked but great at the same time. Some old hag past her sell by date, in a bikini is disgusting. Yak! Cover up or at least let me know where you got your magic mirror from.

If you really want to play games on Facebook, look for a cyber bully and have a go; no need to be rude or aggressive, but really sarcastic. If you can make them feel 2 inches high, you win; if you can get at least 10 others to join you, then you get extra points and if they give up first, victory shall be yours. Simple, it sort of stops bullying en masse, remember cyber bullies normally choose one person. Can they handle 100 cyber protectors and not look like a t..t? NO!

They normally give in after a few days of public belittling. Now that’s what I call play!

Till next month just face up to it.

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