Tuesday, 7th July 2020

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Is your fund manager an Olympian? By Richard Alexander Dip. PFS

He will need to be! A recurring theme that I experience at the moment is people contacting me who are concerned about investments they have made or contracts that they have entered into where their return expectations are simply not following through in reality.

The financial pressure remains fully on in the Euro zone as we know and with Spain’s Bankia announcing late last month that it needs 19bn Euros in State support to keep going, this is just one more sign that the problems persist. If you are one of the many people who are looking for better returns on your capital or need to be certain of income, you will know all too well that this can be an uphill struggle.

In the current markets and looking to the future, to achieve better long term results and to see sustainable income which can increase over time, many fund managers now are looking towards diversified investments over managed portfolios as opposed to the more traditional approach of selecting a single asset class like Bonds, Property or Equities.

Whilst quality bonds can provide stability of capital values, they achieve little in terms of income growth. Conversely, high yield bonds and equities which might offer an increasing income, come at the cost of sacrificing capital security. To achieve sustainable income will need the combined strength of property rental income, equity dividends and bond coupons from a suitably structured global portfolio with a long term view.

It is fair to say, the more you have available to invest, the better spread you can achieve but not everyone has the benefit of this luxury and for some, it may just be too complex to be comfortable with. In Olympic terms, investments need to be good marathon performers as opposed to a short sprinter; so as we look forward to the 30th Modern Olympic Games and in an effort to try to find a practical alternative, I thought I might just extend an offer exclusively to Web Express Guide readers that might prove a worthy contender for the long distance challenges ahead.


If you have capital to invest of at least 25,000 Euros or £20,000 and would like a return which has a track record of achieving 5% pa plus, (net of charges), from one of the biggest household names in the financial services sector and which is specifically designed to be tax efficient for British expats who are tax resident in Spain, then here is my offer.

Send an email to info@ra-fp.com and quote the subject as “Olympic Offer” to receive further information about this investment opportunity and to see if it might be right for you. We will monitor the first 30 enquiries received and for any of those which lead to the enquirer becoming a client, we will make a donation of 60 Euros to a charity of their choice and will publish on our website, all the charities that benefit as a result. (This offer only applies to the first 30 enquiries received before midnight on 30th August 2012.)

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