Tuesday, 7th July 2020
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Step into summer with Marbella Beauty Academy’s A-Z of Health & Beauty

Step into summer with Marbella Beauty AcademyÂ’s A-Z of Health & Beauty

Skin Treatments, Hairdressing Courses, Beauty Therapy Courses, Steiner Recruitment for Royal Carribean Ship. - by Giselle Beck-Davies.

M ...... Is for Marvellous Skin! -
Healthy skin can only be achieved through a healthy blood supply to every cell of the skin and an efficient cooling and cleansing infrastructure. The main function of the Skin is protection and so if the cells are not working correctly conditions such as acne, rosacea, proriasis, prickely heat, dermatitus, cellulite and many other unpleasant and uncomfortable problems occur.

Skin Marvel is a capsule taken once a day with water, which works for 24hours on the cells resulting in lushÂ’s hair, strong nails and beautiful radiantly healthy skin. It really does work and is a natural way to beauty.



N...........is for New Courses at Marbella Beauty Academy,
we are so excited to be offering Hairdressing Courses delivered by a very experienced Toni & Guy trainer, individual refresher, basic hair techniques, hair up, colouring or full training will be available from September. This Course compliments our Photographic & Fashion Make-up and Skin Treatments courses wonderfully!

We are also offering Princess pamper days for the youngsters aged 10 to 15, where they can learn some basic beauty tips and have their nails and make-up done to look like a star. Then there is the Pre - Beauty Induction course ideal as a preparation for any career including Beauty Therapy, students will learn life skills, grooming, sales, interview techniques and people skills, the minimum age entry requirement is 15 .

O......is for opportunity,
train at MBA and on passing all your examinations, we will organise your Interview with the Steiner recruitment Manager to work in a Spa on the Royal Caribbean Ships , travel the world with your qualification.

P.......is for Parabens!!
I have made the decision to avoid them whenever I can. What are they? They are chemicals used as effective preservatives
in cosmetics and food products they fight bacteria and fungus that is the good news! The bad news is that they have been linked to cancer, parabens can mimic the hormone estrogens which can cause Breast cancer, tissue samples of women with breast cancer have been found to contain Parabens. Read the label on foods, shampoos, shaving gel, moisturisers and EVERYTHING!!

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