Friday, 26th February 2021

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What to do with kids on the Costa?

What to do with kids on the Costa?

You love your babies, but you also need your own time

Imagine going on holiday with a young family; where do you start with your packing?

Clothes, nappies and other small items are not such a problem but when you know you need to take your pram or push chair
things get a bit more difficult, especially when considering airline charges. When you get there you may find you need various other items just as important like a stair gate, a cot, a car seat or a high chair.

Not all self catering accommodation or hotels provide all of theses needs. So what do you do?

BB Discount have had the right idea and are providing a service which is unique on the Costa del Sol: you simply call them and hire what you need for as long as you need to. There is the problem solved!

Of course if you happen to live on the Costa and want to buy any items they are also for sale. As a matter of fact the range of baby and children items is very extensive and goes far beyond the bulky prams, push chairs and cots. You can buy new or second hand in good condition. There is always a chance that you may find just what you were looking for under “special offers”.

The other service, which I know is much in demand, is a reliable babysitting service. You may call Typhaine at any time on 618 273 481, she personally vets all her babyminders to ensure that they have good references, are experienced and speak your language.


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