Wednesday, 3rd June 2020

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The older man

The older man


Confident and unselfconscious use of more muted classic styles by older men.

I suggest that they succeed because they are dressing for themselves and not to follow latest fashions. Years of doing this has given them a confidence which is clear from their attitude and bearing.

Compare these to the sometimes uncomfortable-looking younger men snapped wearing the height of fashion at the recent events in Milan and Paris and you’ll see what I mean. Is it possible that they, in their race to follow catwalk fashions, have forgotten the importance of expressing one’s
own individuality when dressing well?

By the time you’re half way to 100, you should have been able to gather the style momentum to figure out your own personal style. Getting older means learning from your past fashion mistakes, like being the guy in the Speedo who was not built like Mark Spitz, and forging ahead in a more streamlined and easy manner.


Give up the idea of long hair when you barely have 3-hairs on the top. Look in the mirror and be real about what you have to work with—at any age! As we mature, fashion needs to be less fussy and more sleek and sophisticated, but not fuddy-duddy. Top quality men’s fashion designer have clothing that is designed for style not your date of birth.

Buy fewer pieces, but better pieces each season. If you can’t afford clothing from the big guns in men’s fashion, get inspired by their design and find less expensive versions of similar styles. Look like you’ve made it rather than your hopelessly still trying to figure it all out. Most important, stay modern and avoid the traps of wearing the same clothing that dates you for years and years.

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