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The Quiz - Who am I?

The Quiz - Who am I?

Name this person and win a meal for two to the value of €25.00 at Ramos Fish Restaurant, in Sabinillas. Send your entry by e-mail to by the 15th May 2012. The first correct answer to be drawn will be the winner. With your answer, you must supply name, phone number and area where you live.

Born in Trenton, New Jersey in 1961. I came from an unstable household and experienced an unhappy childhood. My father abandoned my Mother and three children, I was the only boy. We moved to Dallas and my Mother struggled to keep things together.

I was not at all athletic at school and in my early years. I was cut from my high school football team and eventually left the basketball team as there was not enough playing time. After graduating high school in 1979, my future appeared uncertain. I found work where I could, including a janitor position at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

In my free time, I could be found at local basketball courts where I began to shine. I was shy and introverted in my early years. After aborting a suicide attempt in 1993, I reinvented myself as a “bad boy” and became notorious for numerous controversial antics. I dyed my hair in artificial colours, had many piercings and tattoos. I regularly disrupted games by clashing with opposing players and officials. I famously wore a wedding dress to promote my autobiography.

I pursued a high-profile affair with a very famous singer and I was briefly married to a famous actress. I am a retired part-time professional wrestler and actor.

Apart from the sport I am known for, I was also member of the New World Order and fought alongside a famous wrestler. I have had my own TV show and various parts in films and reality shows. Who am I?


LAST MONTHS WINNER WAS: Janet Dine (Sotogrande)

The most complete answer: Charles Dickens

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