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Useful Make-up Tips

Useful Make-up Tips

By Celebrity Make-up Artist Lyndsey Cavanagh, who is the Ambassador for Max Factor in Ireland and makes regular appearance on ITV3.

If your eye’s water after you have applied your make up then you must use a waterproof mascara and dab a little Vaseline at the outer corner of each eye so that any moisture/tears from the eyes will simply run over the surface of the Vaseline and not smudge or disturb the eye make up underneath.

A foundation with an SPF and some protective ingredients is a must in order to defend the skin against damaging environmental factors. In order to keep your make up expertly in place try a setting spray ¨mist and fix spray which you can spritz over your entire face once your make up has been applied.

To keep lips soft and supple use a little of a hydrating face mask and dab onto and around your lips, allow it to absorb before applying a moisture rich lipstick.

Apply a little loose shimmer onto the tear duct area of your eyes to reflect light and contrast the effect of dark shadows.

As brows must be immaculate to frame and compliment your eye make up make sure you keep them tweezed and trimmed remembering that the brows should begin above the tear duct, arch above the pupil and end in line with the outer corner of the eyes.


To give extra definition to the brows it is important to use a brow pencil, apply firstly against the brow hairs and then
with, keep the pencil finely sharpened to give a nice fine stroke and finish by using a brush applicator to subtly groom, set
with a little wax or gel.

Contouring will give shape and definition to any face shape, try lightly dusting a little matte bronzer 2-3 hades darker than your foundation long your cheek bone, start at your er and blend to the apple of your ceek, gradually build up the product until you get the desired definition and to compliment the shading you can sweep a little highlight across the top of your cheek bones.

If you’re going to be out and about in sometimes hot weather conditions it’s important to keep skin extra hydrated in order to prevent dehydration which leads to a blotchy, uneven finish on your foundation

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