Tuesday, 26th May 2020

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“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them”...

“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them”...

...and now you can learn to dance ‘Modern Jive’ at four fabulous venues along the coast.

Modern Jive, sometimes referred to by the brand names CEROC or LeROC, is a blend of Jiving and Salsa that can be danced to almost all types of music and has gone global in less than 10 years.

Modern Jive was introduced by French dancers who took traditional 1960’s ‘Jiving’ and projected it into the 21st century by adding a touch of ‘Salsa’ and a hint of ‘swing’. Today it is enjoyed right across the world every evening. The UK alone has over five hundred venues and now you can learn Modern Jive right here on the Costa del Sol. The dance club ‘JiveSpain’ has four venues along the coast from Miraflores to San Roque.

To learn Modern Jive you donÂ’t need a partner. On an average evening half the dancers arrive as couples and half come by themselves. The way the teaching is organised you will be dancing with everyone of the opposite sex at some point during the evening.

Jive evenings are not age specific and are enjoyed as much by younger people as it is by people with complimentary bus passes. By the end of your first evening four things will have happened; you will have your own dance routine, will have burned off loads of calories, made some new friends and for three hours, forgotten anything to do with ‘credit crunch’, ‘global warming’ or the state of the housing market.


Modern Jive is pure escapism and as healthy a workout as a trip to the Gym JiveSpain evenings are probably responsible for more romances than many singles clubs; more business deals than some conventions and more new friendships than a school playground. However, those benefits are just bonuses, the main reason why over 1,300 people along our coast are already JiveSpain members, is to learn a new social skill. Never again will any JiveSpain member be seen ‘Dad Dancing’ at the family wedding or the Christmas party.

Even if you claim to have two left feet that want to fight each other whenever they are th eatened by dance music, JiveSpain can cure you. You will be made very welcome from the moment you walk in and can start learning on any evening at any venue.

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