Saturday, 30th May 2020

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Shed of Oneís Own

Shed of One’s Own

Marcus Beckmann - Paperback - £11.69

How to be a middle-aged man without having a crisis. Or, in any case, without having a serious crisis. It deals amusingly with the many different crises that middleaged males experience in life.

Marcus Beckmann, a master of dry humour and excellent advice, says he once read an interview in which someone said that you don¬ít have just one midlife crisis. You have one after another after another. Hair, eyes, teeth, ambition ¬Ė all of these things waste away in middle age, and each is a crisis. This is a book about men. In middle age, men do not have the same crises as women, who face the loss of fertility, as well as the loss of female role models on the screen, leading to a sense, as several women have recently pointed out, that they are invisible.

Men do not approach a clearly defined fault line such as the female menopause. Instead, they gradually crumble with nothing concrete to focus on, they sometimes go quietly mad. In middle age, they spot something on the horizon, and realise they’re moving towards it, at what seems like an accelerating pace. It is death. There’s lots of thought provoking material in here, and Berkmann can be very funny.


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