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Google PageRank? The facts.

Google PageRank? The facts.

There is PageRank and then there is website Ranking

Name of Web Site

WEB Ranking Listing

1st Web Express Guide ( 2.061.233
2nd Essential Marbella ( 8.981.345
3rd Society Magazine ( 12.654.173
4th Olive Press ( 20.142.217
5th Costa News ( 24.759.789

Results taken over the last 3 months in respect of some active publications of the Costa del Sol. Other smaller ones like Costa Link, The Local, The Diary etc are not even listed or too far down to be mentioned. (Figures were correct at the time of editing).

On 15th October, 2009, a Google employee confirmed that the company had removed PageRank from its Webmaster Tools section, explaining that “We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true.”

Numerous academic papers concerning PageRank have been published and the PageRank concept has proven to be vulnerable to manipulation. Extensive research has been devoted to identifying falsely inflated PageRank and ways to ignore links from documents with falsely inflated PageRank.


For search engine optimization purposes, some companies even offer to sell high PageRank links to webmasters.

Google may be moving away from a publicly visible page rank in order to motivate work on content quality by discouraging content farming as a means of boosting a site’s reputation. A visible, high rank can inflate the value of a site, and provides useful feedback for paid SEOs that add no value to the system. In addition, Google has been criticized and even sued for perceived low ranks. There are certainly flaws in PageRank. Now that people know the secrets to obtaining a higher PageRank, the data can be manipulated. Google Bombs are a classic example of PageRank manipulation. See:-

PageRank is a trademark purchased by Google in its time with the object of monitoring individual web page popularity; this is different from WEB Ranking provided by independent companies that monitor the global popularity of whole websites, in contrast to individual web pages.

They rate each and every website in an order towards traffic for that particular website, the highest visited website will be on number 1 and continue giving rank in ascending order accordingly up to millions and a website might have a score in the tens of millions.

This is what the game is about. For example, Google is Nº1, the 2nd position is held by Facebook and so on.

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