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Villages with History - Antequera

A trip to Antequera

RAINFALL (l/m2): 551
AREA (km2): 817
INHABITANTS: 40.239 (Antequeranos)
TOURIST OFFICE: 952-70-25-05

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important centers in Andalucia and it is frequently mentioned in the history, arts, politics, culture and the economy of the community. It is also the largest municipality of the region, mostly fertile flat land yelding olives and cereals, surrounded by the Sierras del Torcal y el Arco Calizo Central that is majestically dominated by 'La Peña de los Enamorados' subject of many stories and legends.
The Village is located at the side of a hill, at the foot of La Sierra del Torcal, a maze of little streets of different character according to their different eras and peppered with numerous different monuments of interest: La Alcazaba, el Arco de los Gigantes, La Colegiata de Sta. María, La Colegiata de S. Sebastián, el Arco del Nazareno, El Palacio de Nájera, El Convento de S. José, el Palacio de los Marqueses de la Peña, el Convento de Sta. Eufemia, la Iglesia de Santiago, la Basílica de Sto. Domingo...
Of course a true monument to mother nature is el Torcal, a truly natural marvel, a protected zone by the Junta de Andalucía and a 'must' on any visitor's itinerary.

The Romans named it Antikaria, "antigua" and the Arabs Antaqira, ever since the beginning of time it has been occupied by different people and cultures.
The dolmens of Menga, Viera and Romeral, which date back to prehistoric times and the Bronze Era, together represent one of the most important dolmen locations in Europe.

The local gastronomy is dominated by the products and byproducts derived from the land, mainly flour and olive oil.
The best known dish is called ´La Porra Antequerana´ made with bread, raw ham, hard boiled eggs, tuna, tomatoes, oil and salt. But there are many other well-known dishes such as lamb, beef or pork chops cooked in their stock, Lemon Rabbit, Partridge cooked in Gazpacho stock, Partridge Soup or even ´La Porilla Caliente´ made with local wild asparagus, spinach, thistles….


The sweets are nationally renowned ´Cabello de Angel (Angel's Hair) with almonds; 'Madroños' with almonds, eggs in syrup and oil based Buns. Not to forget the fairy cakes and local Antequerian cakes or muffins. 

The Menga Dolmen
an impressive gallery roofed by a mound of stones and earth dating back to the Bronze Age, it is approximately dated at 2500 BC.
The Dolmen de Viera
is practically next to the other above and is dated about 2000 B.C.  TORCAL
Due to its strange looking rock formations, the Natural Park of Antequera is incredibly amazing and considered unique in the world so much so that it has very often been used as the scenery of many a science fiction films.

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