Thursday, 28th May 2020

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And the award goes to…

And the award goes toÂ…

ME!! Well, why not?

This seems to be the trend these days most outstanding, best, most creative, ecological, most useful to foreigners, etc. Oh, not only that, suddenly itÂ’s not just on the Costa but worldwide, if you donÂ’t mind.

So I am going to hold a big glitzy dinner in aid of the best mother and wife in the world, all you need is a few close friends, obviously family and , of course, a few people you know who like to suck up and are too scared not to vote for you.

Venue fixed, paparazzi ready, air kissing and a—e licking out of the way and the best mother, wife in the world is… surprise, surprise: ME! Easy!

Is it the Costa del Sol or what every newspaper, well local rag, you pick up that seems to be holding some kind of competition- amongst their own clients- I might add - a bit like compare the market type of thing. You pay, you enter. Der!

Recently I noticed one such winner proclaiming to be the best and most famous amongst the ex-pat community, maybe they should have received instead the most votes for the biggest porn section in the classified ads category (at the back). You know who we mean, that European newspaper that comes out weekly, the same one who claims to expose fraud and scams amongst the Brits, when I am sure most of their clients who offer all kinds of services in their classified ads are most likely not paying any taxes. Pot to Kettle springs to mind just as also fur coat, no knickers does.


Would taking adverts income from clients in the personal section, if said clients are illegal, tantamount to living off immoral earnings? So may be some of these so called businesses should climb down off their podiums and realize we are not all “air kissers”, a-se licking simpletons as they believe we are and see things for what they are.

These soooo common prize giving category winning competitions are held solely for self publicity purposes amongst like minded social climbers. It doesnÂ’t prove who or what is the bes hotel, best restaurant, newspaper in the world. FACT !

HereÂ’s an idea from the Prickly PairÂ’s point of view:- Hold a Gala Dinner and prize giving for the following categories:

  1. Biggest Bull----ters within the ex-pat community.
  2. Quickest social climbers using charities to further themselves.
  3. The Chameleon Award.
  4. The persons most people pretend to like, but cannot stand.
  5. And of course the outstanding Award and Life Membership etc for the persons who lie, con, and bull----it their way to the top, worldwide and of course on the lovely Costa del Sol.

Well must go to get my certificate made up with winnerÂ’s cup duly engraved. Till next time.

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